Power Proof Concentrated Waterproofing Solution & Render Admixture


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SKU: POWP1-10 Bond-It


A premium quality, concentrated waterproofing solution and render admixture.

Addition of Power Proof markedly improves the workability and plasticity of concrete. It is formulated to be non-corrosive, containing no chloride additives.
- Improves the plasticity of the mix making it easier to use.
- Retards suction in multi-layer renders.
- Reacts with free lime in the mortar to form mix. CE Approved.

To provide waterproofing for internal and external rendering, roof screeds, swimming pools, tanks, rendering walls, basement walls and reservoirs, where water penetration is a problem. The required amount of liquid is simply added to the gauging water. This product is 10 times stronger than standard integral water proofer.

This product is supplied in a carefully measured dosage bottle, simply squeeze the bottle to administer the correct amount of liquid into the delivery nozzle.

EN934-3 (2009) + A1 (2012).