Premium CTA Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive for Fixing Wall Tiles


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SKU: BDTA17 Bond-It


A premium quality, D1T water-borne, ready mixed wall tile adhesive.

A premium grade, off-white, water-borne, ready mixed adhesive paste for fixing wall tiles. Has superb grab and non-slip characteristics which provides the user with an easy to apply, general purpose adhesive with spreading characteristics, which suit both the DIY and professional user. CE Approved.

Suitable for fixing most types of ceramic wall tiles, including mosaics and vitrified tiles in internal locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and domestic shower areas (when used with a waterproof grout). It embodies unique 'non-slip' properties but allows for adjustment while fixing; in most cases this eliminates the use of battens.
Note: This product is unsuitable for use in swimming pools or where prolonged wet conditions exist. It should also not be used with porcelain tiles. Do not use in areas subject to rising or penetrating damp. Not suitable for use with large format tiles.

EN12004 Type D1, Class 1T.