Primer Admix with Acrylic Dispersion and Cement Additive


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SKU: BDTAP1-10 Bond-It


An acrylic dispersion tile primer and cement additive.

An acrylic dispersion for use as a primer prior to tiling or as an additive to cement based tiling products to improve adhesion and flexibility. As a primer it will prepare and stabilise porous and dusting surfaces prior to tiling and to improve adhesion on difficult substrates, such as vinyl tiles, timber, asphalt and terrazzo, etc. Also prevents swelling of timber, plasterboard and MDF. As an admixture it will improve the flexibility and adhesion of cement based adhesives and grouts in situations subject to slight movement or vibration.

As an primer: Shake the bottle before use. Apply a single coat of PRIMER, to the substrate ensuring complete coverage. Allow to become tack free before commencing tiling. If left without tiling overnight a second coat should be applied. Apply adhesive and tiles as normal practice.

As an admix: add up to 5 Litres per 20Kg bag of adhesive or grout. High dosages may effect the setting time of some products.