PVCu Fast Acting Solvent Cleaner for uPVC Frames, Cladding and Trims


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SKU: BDC003-12 Bond-It


Fast-acting, solvent-based cleaner for uPVC frames, cladding and trims.

Effectively removes ingrained dirt and restores surface colour without leaving a residue. NOTE: For wood grain PVC finishes use Bond It Foil Safe Solvent Cleaner.

Use heavy gloves to protect hands from solvent. Soak a clean absorbent cloth with Bond It PVCu Solvent Cleaner and rub the contaminated areas, repeat process keeping the cloth well wetted with cleaner. "Scotch Pad" abrasive may be used on damaged areas of PVC after the user has ascertained that the change in surface appearance is acceptable. Polish up the cleaned surface with a clean dry cloth.