Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates 4pk


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SKU: 354571 Toolstream


Allows workbench casters to be mounted to cabinets. Maintains the function of the caster (when not being used the cabinet rests on the cabinet side). Caster is only engaged when being moved. Integrated quick-release system allows removal of casters, making 360° workbench access easier and safer. Adds mobility and functionality to work surfaces. Casters can be slid in or out as required and are secured with sturdy locking pins. Powder-coated to resist corrosion and wear. Includes 4 x quick-release plates, 4 x locking pins, 4 x M30 x 3.5 (1/4-20) nylon lock nuts, 4 x washers and 4 x M30 x 3.5 (1/4-20) countersunk Phillips head bolts.