Rapid Setting Water Resistant Tile Adhesive for Cement Based Ceramic Tiles


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SKU: BDRS10B Bond-It


Fast setting, water resistant, cement based ceramic tile adhesive.

A fast-setting, thick or thin-bed adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics to walls and floors. Because of these fast acting properties, tiles and mosaics can be grouted and suitable for use in approximately 2-3 hours after fixing (at normal room temperature). For interior use, particularly in locations which are subject to occasional wetting, e.g. domestic showers, saunas and bathrooms. CE Approved.

Ideal for bonding to concrete, cement/sand screeds, building blocks, brickwork and primed wooden surfaces. Certain surfaces may need to be suitably primed prior to fixing. Suitable for interior use including Note: This product is not suitable for swimming pools or areas subject to constant water immersion. See technical data sheet for details.

EN12004 Type C1F.