Round Platform Dolly

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Box-Carrying Platform Dolly

Admit it, when you saw this you thought - "How do I not have one of these?" well we thought the same. The ease this product brings is just a relief. Imagine all those times where you have struggled getting a super heavy box(es) from point A to point B...

What is a Round Platform Dolly?

On the off chance you don't know what this product is, it's somewhat explained above. To make it simple, this is a round platform that can hold excessive weight whilst in and out of transport. It's used to carry either a heavy box or many boxes that weight quite a lot. With this little guy, you'll miraculously find life a lot easier... No more panicking, huffing and puffing etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable
  • High strength
  • MDF platform
  • Easy roll action on hard surfaces
  • 4 strong nylon castors (helps with the above)
  • Moves heavy and awkward shaped loads
  • Circular for a good reason


  • Light Brown (wooden)


  • 250kg (a lot!)


We all need a round, circular friend in our lives. This guy is it. This round platform dolly is strong, durable, high weight capacity, easy roll action, MDF platform and so much more. I mean, you can even sit on it and ride around when you're bored? 

We think this is a no-brainer, what about you?