Saves Nails Solvent-Free Adhesive - Premium Environmental Gap-Filling Adhesive


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SKU: BDPGE-25 Bond-It


Premium environmental gap-filling construction adhesive.

Offering less impact on the environment, this solvent-free formula offers instant grab and a tough permanent bond on virtually any porous or non-porous surface. A low odour, water clean-up construction adhesive which cures to form a high strength bond. Extremely low VOC content. Contains no harmful raw materials, making it safer for the environment, safe for the user and safe on substrates.

Ideal for fixing panelling, plasterboard, cove base, window sills, Styrofoam, carpet tack strips, aluminium firring strips, tub surrounds, fireplaces, loose floor/wall tiles, aluminium, steel, wood, concrete, cork, general repairs to wood, fixing hardboard and plywood and as a general adhesive.

It is ideal for use on: plastics. NOTE: Recommended for internal use only.

Colour: White