Scythette (Gardening Tool for Cutting Long Grass and Weeds)

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Scythette Tool for Gardening

As a fresh, slick looking gardening tool, you can expect great uses with it. The Scythette is primarily used for cutting long grass and weeds with simple swipes, which can be done very quickly and easily.


  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Tubular Steel Handle
  • Soft & Padded Grip

Rocking a lime green handle (syncing with the environment), you can get down and get the job done in very little time. This product should solely be used for cutting long grass and weed, but may be used for other safe and appropriate gardening tasks like plant work. 


  • 1100mm

Don't worry about your length, we have it covered! A Scythette that looks good and has the above features? Who knew it even existed?  

It has a carbon steel blade with a tubular steel handle for your safety and better grip, used for cutting that long green grass of yours plus those pesky pop-up weeds.