Shower Screen & Tile Cleaner


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SKU: BDTSSC-12 Bond-It


A sanitizing cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens.

Product Description

A sanitizing cleaner for shower screens and trays, tiles, taps, shower heads, baths and basins.

  • Suitable for all natural stones, even polished marble.
  • Cleans glass and tiles.
  • Prevents water marks.
  • Prevents and removes limescale.
  • Reduces soap scum and hard water build up.
  • Cleans soap scum from soiled showers.
  • Solvent-free plus zero VOC's.
  • Neutral pH - safe on most surfaces.


Simply spray and walk away. Can be used on bathroom mirrors and prevents misting. Removes soap scum and hard water build-up. When dried it leaves an invisible barrier which deters further soiling.