Strapping Tape - Crossweave Filament Tape


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SKU: SP2050-002450 Flowstrip


Strapping tape is a reinforced cross weave filament tape with bi-directional (cross weave fibreglass running parallel and perpendicular along the length of the tape) glass filaments. Strapping tape displays high tack, good adhesion and very high tensile strength, making it particularly suitable for heavy duty packaging and bundling applications.

Specially developed for use in packaging applications requiring mechanical resistance.

Features and Benefits:
  • This cross weave strapping tape is reinforced
  • Transparent polypropylene
  • Clear rubber adhesive
  • High tack
  • Good adhesion
  • Very high tensile strength
Bespoke sizes are available on request.

Item Code: SP2050 - Crossweave Strapping Tape