Rockler Taper / Straight-Line Jig


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Rockler Taper / Straight-Line Jig

Rockler Taper / Straight-Line Jig - Simple, indexed angle-setting system; heavy duty, non-marking clamps and smooth sliding design for fast, easy, more accurate tapered cuts. Perfect for chair legs, table legs and more.

Dual tape measures provide fast reference. Removing the mitre bar allows the jig to double as a stable, straight-line ripping jig. Jig fits snugly in any standard 10 x 19mm (3/8 x 3/4") mitre slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth push-action performance.

Includes 914mm (36") mitre bar.


  • Includes 36" miter bar
  • Indexing marks make angle setting easy — each mark represents 1° of taper
  • Dual tape measures provide convenient reference and also help set angles
  • Two wide-body hold down clamps prevent stock from drifting dangerously from your fence
  • Clamps have non-marring rubber caps for enhanced grip
  • Three adhesive strips run across the jig to help stabilize your work piece
  • With taper angle zeroed out, jig works great to rip straight edges on rough lumber