Tarmac Rake for Cleaning, Spreading and Moving

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What is a Tarmac Rake?

A tarmac rake is a tool that is designed specifically to work with tarmac, nothing else. Typically, it is used to clean up the tarmac but can be used in other ways too depending on your situation. You can either clean it up, you can spread it around or simply move it around as you would likely expect. 

This rake is suitable for the spreading of tarmac over paths, driveways and roads! 

What are the Benefits of this Tarmac Rake?

  • Your tarmac can be cleaned up with ease
  • Your tarmac can be spread with ease
  • Your tarmac can be moved with ease
  • This rake allows for the spreading of tarmac over many surfaces
  • Made of steel meaning a stronger rake, whilst being easy to use

We want to make clear how easy this product is to use, just think of a leaf rake, same style, different purpose. 

Give me some numbers

  • Length of this rake = 1500mm
  • Head width of this rake = 435mm
  • Amount of teeth = 16 teeth


This easy to use tarmac rake is designed for either the cleaning, spreading or moving of tarmac. This is suitable to be done over paths, driveways and roads, giving you great options in the process. 

Made of steel, equipped with 16 teeth and a great overall size, it's hard to find a superior rake. It's also great for the current season hence the popularity!