One Coat Mortar Universal Building Render


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Building Render 

Universal Building Render Mix by Bond-It

One coat rendering mortar for internal and external applications.

A pre-mixed render based on sand, lime, cement and additives. A moderate strength render for moderate strength backgrounds and moderate exposure conditions. CE Approved. Here are some cool benefits of the Building Render to digest:

- Weather resistant
- Allows walls to breathe
- Resists penetrating damp
- Will not chip, flake or peel
- Can be hosed down
- Tough and flexible
- Excellent adhesion

A 25kg bag of Bond It Universal Building Render should be mixed with 4-5L of clean water using a mechanical stirrer. Best results are obtained using as little water as possible. The product may stiffen on standing. Do not add more water; simply re-mix to regain a workable consistency. Use a hawk and trowel to apply product in a single operation. On low suction backgrounds a first pass may be necessary prior to building up the full thickness in the second pass. Refer to technical data sheet for full application details.


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