Windscreen Tip Tape - Perforated For Ease Of Use


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SKU: SP620-007590-CLEAR Stick2


Windscreen Tip Tape is a high grab but removable adhesive tape designed to protect the corners of automotive windscreens against damage during transportation, storage and handling. The adhesive system of tip tape ensures the product holds securly on to each corner of the windscreen whilst still removing cleanly leaving minimal residue behind.

Once applied, Windscreen Tip Tape protects the corners of the windscreen reducing the risk of damge caused when placing the windscreens into storage racks or simply through transportation.

Windscreen Tip Tape is available in Clear allowing for quick and easy damage inspections of the corners or in Opaque Orange if your prefer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • High grab but removable adhesive ensures product stays stuck
  • Perforated for ease of use
  • Protects against scratches and chips
  • Clear version available for easy inspections
  • Saves time and money in the return of damaged auto windscreen units