Woodrack Storage System (Hard Wood)


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Triton Woodrack 

A Woodrack with loads of space? Check. 

A Woodrack with easy set up? Check.

A Woodrack with great durability and strength? Check.

This Woodrack provides generous storage capacity for timber, pipes, tubs, adhesives, sealants, other long items etc. For internal or external mounting applications in workshops, garages, sheds, on fences and walls etc. There are 6 rows of hard wood meaning it will unlikely collapse due to weight pressure.

Woodrack Storage System

Although this is mainly used as an indoor woodrack, few will use it as an outside wood rack. Please note by doing this, the hard wood could because weaker if affected by rain so ensure you have some sort of cover to protect it. This woodrack is made of hard wood which is purposed to hold all sorts of heavy weights like long metal pipes. 

Easy Installation of the Hard Wood

As previously said, this Triton Woodrack made of hard wood is not only impressive under heavy weight, it is also very easy to build. If you already have shelves built, then this will be an easy task.


A highly durable and strong woodrack that can hold various different products and sizes whilst taking up little to no room. This product is unlikely to fail you but will suit your needs.