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Bench Belt and Disc Sander for DIY

Chris Bourne16 December 2020

Bench Belt and Disc Sander for DIY 

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you should know how annoying it is to keep both hefty belt and disc sanders. Both are heavy machines that can be used for shaping wood and other material. The distinct features of these two pieces of equipment are used for different types of purposes.

A belt sander generally has a straight surface that is much bigger as compared to a disc sander. This machine is used to shape and finish flat or long pieces of wood such as tables. In contrast, a disc sander is created with a circular abrasive paper that sits atop a circular plate. This is an ideal piece of equipment if you are working with round wooden objects. Most people who are into DIY own one of these as a disc sander is smaller and perfect for small projects. However, why spend money on two separate machines when you can have one?

A combined Silverline 350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander 390mm serves both the purposes, reduces hassle, and saves space and money. Plenty of brands are now selling combined belt and disc sanders that are easy to use and easy on the pocket.

Combined Silverline 350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander

Here's what makes combined bench belt and disc sanders ideal for at-home workers. 

  • As evident from the name, this Belt & Disc Sander is bench mounted. It is an ideal and essential feature that allows operators to work more cleanly and efficiently. The machine remains stable when you work, and you have a specific area to sit your machine at on the bench. 
  • Working with wood can be messy. A bench belt and disc sander have extraction port for wood specks and shavings that keeps the process as clean as possible. 
  • Angle adjustment is available in the majority of belt and disc sanders that allow you to work efficiently. 
  • These machines are multi-purpose, allowing you to milk out all its worth. You can sand materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.
  • The Silverline Bench Belt & Disc Sander comes with a 390X125mm table that allows you to work comfortably in a vast space. 

Reasons to own a combined Belt and disc sander

A combined belt and disc sander is a welcome addition to your inventory. If you are new to DIY, then you may want to avoid hefty machines and choose a smaller and more convenient combined sander. 

They are ideal for home workshops and small projects as it combines two machines in one, reducing the hassle. The multi-features allow you to carry out different tasks without creating a mess in your small space. A Silverline 350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander is your best option as it has a built-in space to collect the waste and a vast table with an 80-grit belt, 80-grit sanding disc.

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