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Mega StikĀ PU Adhesive

Thomas Greaves10 December 2020

Quick Stick In A Can ??? šŸ„«

Look no further... Revealing the 750ml...

This PU AdhesiveĀ has been made to stick together your problems. A fast, curing adhesive foam developed for a speedy installation of your new plasterboard, floorboard, insulation board and roof decking. The Mega Stik PU Adhesive is very effective, efficient and careful so don't worry about it leaving a rough finish. With this product, there is no reason to be in a large vicinity of any nail or screws because this powerhouse outsmarts them in many different ways.Ā 

The Benefits Of Mega StikĀ PU AdhesiveĀ 

Want to hear about some of it's cool benefits? šŸ˜Ž

  • 12 Cans per box
  • No Mixing, Mess, Water or Dust
  • No Need For Heavy Bags of Plaster
  • 1/12 of theseĀ can fix approximately 5 standard plaster boards
  • 30% time saving over conventional dry wall adhesives
  • Can be plastered in 1 hour
  • Can be applied direct to boards or the wall either horizontally or vertically
  • Can works on solid walls, metal and timber studding, battens and beams
  • No nails or screws required

Mega Stik PU Adhesive Uses

The Mega Stik PU Adhesive is sure to impress with a gold standard finish so do not be concerned. Supplied in an aerosol can, application by a universal foam gun, you can use this adhesive for various things such as:

  • Concrete, Brick, Stone & Wood
  • Extruded and Expanded Polystyrene
  • Mineral Wool
  • Metals
  • Bituminous Membranes
  • Polyisocyanurate & Polyurethane Foam

With it's many uses and benefits, the PU Adhesive Mega Stik is a superb product with added bonuses to it. After finishing a job, it isĀ important to place the cans upright in cool, dry conditions.

In terms of cleaning, the best way to do so is either a Gun Foam Cleaner or our Multi Wipes so feel free to check them out also if you like the sound of them.

Mega Stik PU Adhesive (x12)

Anti-Bacterial Surface WipesĀ 

Gun Foam Cleaner


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