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Carpentry Power Tools for Construction & Building Industry

Chris Bourne30 May 2019

One of the traditional roles in construction is carpentry and the requirement for carpentry contracts never ceases. With time, the field of woodwork and carpentry has developed with time especially with the advent of new technology, it is now easier to achieve certain tasks in less time, with more strength in framework than ever before. We have mentioned below some of the carpentry tools that are used or commonly required by the construction workers.

Power saw or circular saw

A power saw or circular saw is a very versatile power tool. When it is used with a clamp on a straight edge, this humble tool can become as accurate as a table saw. It is a good investment for its versatility and resourcefulness. Cordless circular saws are also a portable option and are good for cutting medium density fibreboard or plywood sheets.

Nail Guns

You can hammer down a nail but a nailer or 'nail gun' is way faster and efficient for any woodwork requirement. Multiple models with multiple power supply to meet various requirements are now available from STICK2 Products.

Power Drills

Power drills come in different sizes to drill. Sooner or later, every carpenter requires to make a hole into a wall or wood. Power drills are designed to drill holes into different materials with different thickness. There are both cordless and corded drill options are available in the market, and the choice is based on the requirement of the project. Finding the correct sized chucks, deciding on straight or hammer drill and other options can be daunting for some but they all serve different purposes.

Electric Jigsaws

An electric jigsaw is a tool that allows its user to cut in angles of typically 45 degrees, so curved or circular patterns can be cut in stock with this power tool. Most jigsaw tools are 4 inches long though in unique circumstances you can also find a jigsaw which has a blade longer than that. They are mostly used for precision cutting and comes with easy to change blade system.

Random Orbital Sander

This is a hand-held power tool for sanding in which sanding blades deliver a random-orbit action which means that the angle of rotation of the head and the disk is variable. It is different from orbital sander which moves only in a circular motion. Because of its random sanding motions, random orbital sander leaves fewer swirl marks on the wood. See more from our range of 'sanders'


A router is adaptable and ends up being used in a range of tasks in woodwork and carpentry. Usually used to rout or hollow out a piece of wood or plastic, this tool is usually handheld or fastened in a router cutting table. Many routers in the market are available with either plunge base or stationary base and are used at different expert level and requirements. See more from our range of 'routers'


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