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The Essential List of Carpentry Tools

Chris Bourne28 June 2019

A carpenter requires a range of tools according to the task at hand.  There are certain tools a carpenter always brings to any job and carries with them in their toolbox all the time. Working while on the move, on a daily basis some tools are essential for carpenters for onsite and offsite work that they  simply always carry with them.

Tool Belt or Toolbox

The most important thing to have is a tool belt which makes it easier to carry all the tool to be carried with ease. It comes in many variations hence can be chosen according to the comfort and amount of tools one carries. For example, a roofer may prefer a tool belt with a big pouch with easy access for nails.

For carrying bigger tools, a carpenter may require a toolbox.

Hand Tools

Even with the advent of portable power tools, every job requires carpenters to use some hand tools which they carry along. These tools may involve

These are simple tools which allow for effective work on many routine and daily routine tasks or small jobs. Sometimes, hand tools help make the job easier and are preferable over power tools. Power tools can be essential for certain tasks, for quicker and effective completion of tasks.

Power tools

Technology has made life easier. Jobs take a shorter time with the use of power tools. While some power tools are principally a luxury to have, others have become essential tools to carry to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness work on many jobs.


Table saws and circular saws

Table saws and circular saws - These tools can make accurate cuts in hardwood or soft planks. These days they are made so light that it’s easy to carry them from the workshop to job site, making them quite portable, rather than moving planks and wood back and forth from job site to workshop. You can either choose table saw or portable version. The trade-off of a portable saw is small tables but they work as efficiently as a table saw.

Power Mitre Saw

Mitre Saws - You can cut headers, wall studs, roof rafters and other items using this heavy-duty machine. They are also known as a chop saw or drop saw and are commonly used for cutting and moulding of the wood at a selected angle. Mitre saws can rotate and cut at angles called ‘mitres’, hence the saw name.

Finishing Sander

Sandpaper fixed to a power tool makes the power finishing sanders a choice tool for all carpenters. Whether you use a normal sander or random orbital sander, this will be based on the choice of finishing that you require on your product.

Rotary tool

Consider this the  ‘jack of all trades’ tool for carpentry with its number of attachments and uses. Some of the attachments consist of wire wheels, wood carving burs, small drum sanders, small diameter drills, abrasive cut-off tools, and more. With its small motor, this is a very light-weight but a high power machine.

It is important to re-evaluate your tools from time to time, and upgrade, replace or introduce new tools in your toolbox for any carpenter whether you are new or an expert.

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