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Do You Need A High Performing Respirator? Check Out The Portwest P351 FFP3 Respiratory Mask

Thomas Greaves05 May 2021

What is this 'High Performing Respirator'?

This is a special type of respirator called that enables you to continue working without inhaling bad or toxic substances. This means that you will be able to work without becoming polluted as well as working without those areas of concern. If you and your friends, family or colleagues do NOT have this Portwest P351 mask and working in polluted areas, we highly recommend it.


  • Dolomite optimal clogging test (D) 
  • Flexible shape allowing the folded flat
  • High performance exhalation valve 
  • Ultrasound welded elastic strap
  • Individually wrapped in a hygienic polybag
  • Adjustable nose clip for optimised fit
  • CE-CAT III Ideal

Dangers of NOT Having One

According to the NHS, respiratory diseases affects 1 in 5 people today and this number will only grow as pollution levels continue to increase. It is the third biggest cause of death in England after cancer and cardiovascular disease so please make sure you get one today.  

The Benefits of Owning A Respiratory Face Mask

As a whole, we sense that you will feel better knowing that you're blocking out varying levels of unhealthy pollution and toxic substance. Wearing a mask prevents you from inhaling large amounts of smoke, dust etc. Continuously wearing the Portwest P351 respiratory mask will give you:

  • More comfortable breathing 
  • Longer lasting filtration performance
  • Reduced heat and better comfort in hot and humid conditions
  • Lighter breathing resistance

This mask is greatly advanced, not simple like many others. This is why this mask is commonly used in work environments where dust or toxic substances are present. Although, this mask is still used is less toxic atmospheres, making you much safer than the average mask still.

Maybe You Need a Simpler Mask?

We have many masks in our store that you can check out, some more progressive than others depending on why you need it and the circumstances around you. 

Here is a link to all of our respiratory and face masks to help protect you and those you care about:

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