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Got any room for a TWX7 Workcentre? (Wooden Workstation)

Thomas Greaves21 May 2021

Well we hope you do!

We have an awesome sounding product - the TWX7 Workstation waiting to be used, could it be with you?

This wooden workstation is so impressive, it can outperform it's buddies in so many ways... This wooden workstation has a superb flat surface that is able to hold vast amounts of weight. It is primarily used for holding things on whilst you work but also has other features for other usages. 

This wooden workstation has a multitude of accessories designed to tackle any woodworking task hence it's cool sounding name, the TWX7 Workcentre. Also known as a solid wood worktop, it can easily hold a lot of pressure meaning the table does NOT collapse at any point in or out of work.

It has portability, versatility, manoeuvrability and so much more! 

This may look like a small, weak workstation but it's quite the opposite, continue reading to find out it's qualities.

Here are some important features of the TWX7 Workcentre

  • Includes clamping table module with 40 x 20mm dia holes for securing workplaces
  • Comes with a multitude of accessories shown further down
  • Module levelling screws for simple surface calibration
  • Built-in mains isolated switch connector for connection power tools
  • Knee-off stop button ensuring better safety
  • Perfectly flat surface
  • Folds down compactly for convenient transportation
  • Positioning wheels improve manoeuvrability

This is not it either! It also comes with a bunch of awesome, new accessories designed to keep you going in style, the list is shown below.

The accessories that come with the TWX7 Workcentre

  • Router Module
  • Side Support
  • Outfeed Support
  • Rugged Transit Kit
  • Rugged Transit Wheels 
  • Protractor Assembly 
  • Rugged Transit Handle
  • Saw Table Module

So going back to the question of do you have any room for this? We hope the answer is yes because you most certainly will NOT regret this product. 

Don't know where to find the product? Don't worry. Click on the link below and we will automatically take you to the product page. 

Wooden Workstation (TWX7 Workcentre) | Industrial Supplies Store | STICK2 Products

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