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Fast Acting Decking Cleaner Anyone?

Thomas Greaves25 March 2021

This Decking Cleaner is proven successful

This decking cleaner is a highly powerful, effective and prosperous product with high hopes of achieving that flawless performance you want. 

Decking Cleaners are specifically used to essentially restore your wood back to its original appearance. As well as other decking products, it works on both soft and hardwood which to us, is a benefit.

Is the Decking Cleaner the product or me?

We think so, yes. It has countless benefits for so little price, it's a big yes from us but perhaps you're not as convinced yet. To aid this, here are a list of benefits this product holds:

  • Works on both softwood timber and hardwood timber
  • Works on other decking products making it compatible
  • Removes dirt and natural deposits from decking
  • Removes organic growth
  • Revives weathered decking 
  • Has a fast acting formula
  • Has a quick finishing time (15-20m)
  • Easy to use & understand 

Convinced yet? Like pointed above, this decking cleaning works on more than one surface, it's compatible, it removes natural deposits, dirt and organic growth, it revives your weathered decking, has a fast acting formula whilst being quick to finish and easy to understand.

Other Information

Details of the application process will be listed on our main page, which has all the necessary information you will need to utilise this decking cleaner well. 

This decking cleaner is 5L and is clear in colour so don't worry about it being hideously noticeable because that won't be the case.

At the end of this application, you should be left with a stunning, more beautiful looking deck - bright, restored and clean. 

Here is a link to our official product page:

Decking Cleaner - 5L | Industrial Supplies Store | STICK2 Products

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