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Need A Precise And Perfect Wood Planer? Could We Entice You A Little More... 🪓

Thomas Greaves27 November 2020

Triton Thicknesser (1100W & 317mm)

This Triton Thicknesser planer, which performs at 1100W and for wood up to 317mm in width size is a working powerhouse which is capable of chopping all your wood boards just like that. It is very popular due to it's outstanding performance, quickness and effectiveness so if you're here for that, you're in the right place. 

The Triton Thicknesser's Awesome Facts

The Triton Thicknesser is specifically designed to produce stunningly clear, clean boards of consistent thickness and perfectly flat surfaces. Here are some awesome facts about it.

  • It's two machines combined for precision and perfection
  • It planes your wood and gives it the exact thickness you want
  • Includes a circuit breaker AND a dust extractor (electrical & working safety)
  • 17,500 cuts per minute! 🤯
  • Max depth of a single cut is 2.4mm
  • Large infeed and outfeed tables provide support for longer workpieces
  • Locating holes for secure bench mounting
  • Crank handle for easy movement of the roller case
  • Rapid access brushes allow changing of worn brushes

If this isn't enough to entice you then I'm not sure what will. It has smooth and accurate movement, safety features and high efficiency! If you're in need or like the sound of one then please feel free to check out our product in the store for more information that can better help you understand what this powerhouse can achieve in such short time. More on the Triton Thicknesser here:

Triton Thicknesser 317mm

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