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D4 Wood Glue & D4 Expanding Wood Glue

Chris Bourne28 April 2019

D4 Wood Glue & D4 Foaming Wood Glue

If you’re looking to renovate or refurbish interiors or exteriors with the perfect wooden materials, you need the right tools and equipment to help you get the desired look. Durability, cost efficiency, and effectiveness of products are essential to ensure a permanent and reliable solution.

Often during joining, bonding or repairing works, strong adhesives are required to guarantee the job is done to perfection. Multi-purpose adhesives, such as D4 glue or D4 foaming wood glue are a first-rate choice for wood surfaces which save time, money, and additional reworks.

What is D4 Glue or D4 Foaming Wood Glue Adhesive?

To ensure sturdiness is maintained, it is important to use a solvent free adhesive — which can be used internally and externally on various surfaces such as wood, stone, ceramics, plastic, concrete, and glass etc. As wood can naturally age and wither, it is important to use the right adhesive to ensure the wood well protected.

In such cases, D4 wood glue, is the most reliable option, when you’re looking for a strong bonding agent for repairing or building works. D4 glue is an excellent industrial grade adhesive, which is based on hybrid resin technology — and is highly waterproof, and impact and temperature resistant.

The quality of D4 wood glue is long-lasting, and can be used on a variety of woods and surfaces required for building works etc.

Where can D4 Glue be used?

D4 glue works especially well for woodworks and joinery uses — and ensures all joins are resilient and weather-resistant. It can be used on plain wooden floors, chipboard floors, laminated floors, decks, furniture pieces, or for any DIY use internally or externally.

The D4 foaming wood glue is known for its foaming action, which forces any excess adhesive out of the joint during joining. The excess can be removed, once flooring is complete, to ensure zero voids. Moreover, when D4 glue dries out, it is clear and strong, and is not effected by constant water immersion. 

How do you use D4 Glue?

D4 expanding wood glue can be applied with ease and is relatively stress-free, though it is imperative that before its application, PPE safety standards are incorporated. The PPE standards will help maintain safety and protect you from any health risks. These include wearing safety, gloves, goggles, and safety footwear and clothing.

If you plan on installing chipboard flooring, which is quite common due to its inexpensiveness, resistance and durability, D4 glue is the best option. It is important that you join the chipboards with an adhesive, and not just screw them.

Avoiding the use of a bonding agent can cause creaking and squeaking, which can be annoying. Therefore, adhesives such as the D4 expanding wood glue can be used on joints, joists and tongues of the chipboards, to fill any voids and avoid creaking.


If you’re looking for a durable, resilient and long-lasting adhesive, D4 glue is the best solution for any building work, and is the go to option for builders, carpenters and retailers nation-wide.


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