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What is Chipstick Glue? – The Chipboard Flooring Glue - D4 Glue

Chris Bourne24 October 2018

What is Chipstick Glue? – The Chipboard Flooring Glue You Need to Know About?

Chipstick D4 Liquid PU Foaming Chipboard Adhesive is an all-in-one product that is perfect for the installation of chipboard flooring and for bonding other materials together. Chipstick Flooring Glue is an all-in-one solution and comprises of a high-quality formula, made to last.

D4 tells you that this product has the highest water resistant rating of its class and is suitable for interior and exterior use. PU stands for polyurethane, a type of adhesive which can be formulated to provide a permanent, long term, high performance rigid bond.

A handy product to fix squeaky floorboards!

Chipstick Glue works especially well for installing chipboard flooring because our Glue produces a foaming action causing the excess adhesive to foam out of the joints creating a ridge that enhances the weatherproofing of the joint. In addition, this can be easily removed once the flooring is finished, leaving a rigid bond within that helps to prevent the annoyance of creaky floorboards!


The Benefits of Chipstick Flooring Glue

  • Highly waterproof
  • Good thermal resistance (up to 140°C)
  • Excellent high bond adhesive
  • Saves time and money
  • Helps prevent squeaky floorboards
  • Meets EN 204 requirements
  • Adhesive expands to fill voids
  • Enhances the weatherproofing of the joints
  • Perfect for interior and exterior use


Other Uses of the Product

As well as for installing chipboard flooring, Chipstick Adhesive can also be used to bond wood, metal, stone, concrete, polystyrene foam, glass wool, rock wool, PU foam and several kinds of plastics. For example, it is ideal for bonding window/door frames and staircases.

Instructions are provided on the packaging but using this chipboard adhesive is very simple. Wood and flooring glue come in several forms, and it is essential that you choose the right product and strength for the job. You must make sure to lay the flooring effectively before the glue sets.

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